Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stronglifts review... Part 2 ... 13 months on

Here's why I still refer back to Stronglifts for inspiration despite NOT training the program in over  a year...

As people may know from reading my first review, I never completed the Stronglifts 5x5 program. That way of training just wasn't suited to my rate of recovery, body type and life style in general. I still squat consistently today and absolutely love the movement, but my body (and becoming a new dad to twins!!) just wasn't liking squatting heavy 3 times a week.

I suppose the style of training I switched too goes against everything that Medhi preaches as I have since used a traditional 3 day bodybuilding split routine, using 3 sets for each lift and a rep range of 5-10. I've had some great results through this style of training and will continue to train this way. However I still to this day refer back to and Medhi's teachings for inspiration when my form gets a bit shaky or I have periods where I loose focus.

Medhi has got it completely sussed when it comes to correct form and safety on the big compound lifts and (plus Stronglifts new youtube channel) do a great job at communicating this in a simple straight forward way to the aspiring strength trainer or body builder.

A recent example of this is when I began to develop knee pain for the first time since I started lifting. I couldn't be sure if this was from squatting but it made me look at the form on all my lifts in more detail. My first stop was and SL's YouTube channel. After some lengthy revision/ practice it turned out that my squat form had become a bit shaky over the last few months and so it was time to tighten it up!

Long story short, squat form is back, knee pain gone and I'm lifting more than ever!

So even though I haven't trained the SL 5x5 program in over a year it still has elements that play a big part in my weight lifting journey today.

Here's a link to the Stronglifts YouTube channel... Enjoy - Click Here

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