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Ectomorph weight lifting routine to build muscle - April 2013

Here's a long overdue update on how my training's been going over the last few months, and how I've made certain changes to get better results!!

More lifts, more sets...

Something I've realised over the last few months is that the more experience you gain, and the stronger you get, the more you can/should train... In short, if you want to boost results and fine tune you're physique, you need to up the work load! But it need not be by much.

This blog is all about building muscle at home, getting all the desired results by training at home and no gym membership. Therefor I know I have to be sensible when it comes to how many sets someone could realistically get in with potentially a limited amount of time to do it. I used to perform between 9 an 12 sets per workout and train to failure each an every set, this gave me good results to a point... More recently I've found that with experience an strength the body can naturally take on more and do more, therefor you should take advantage of this an up your work load accordingly.

Nowadays I will perform between 12 an 15 sets per workout, and more often than not I won't train to failure on every set, in fact I probably only train to failure on 10% of the sets performed. I've opted for higher volume, more reps whilst still maintaining progressive overload each workout. Not training to failure means more weight for more reps which means more work achieved!

I have to reiterate that my blog is also aimed at those with an ectomorph body type like myself. This is another big factor in why I've always tried to keep intensity high but keep the workout short an sweet in order to steer clear of over training. However that all goes out the window after you've been lifting for around 3 years. You need to now get really stuck in and up the work load in order to see real results!

* I will be posting soon on why giving shoulders the attention they deserve is soooo important when building strength in other lifts, and developing a well rounded/classic looking physique.

Heres my current weight lifting routine to build muscle (I now train a 4 day split incorporating a shoulder day!!!);

I work a 2 on, 1 off program.

6-12 reps on everything.

Day 1: Back and biceps

Bent over barbell row, 4 sets
Single arm dumbbell row, 4 sets
Underhand pull ups, 3 sets
Barbell curl, 3 sets

Day 2: Chest and triceps

Flat barbell bench press, 3 sets
Incline dumbbell press, 3 sets
Dips, 3 sets
Diamond push ups, 3 sets
Tricep kickbacks, 3 sets

Day 3: Off

Day 4: Legs

Squats, 3 sets
Romanian deadlifts, 3 sets
Reverse lunges, 3 sets
Standing barbell calf raises 3 sets.

Day 5: Shoulders

Standing overhead press, 3 sets
Up right rows, 3 sets
Rear delt flys, 3 sets
Side lateral raises, 3 sets.

Day 6: Off... And so on...
4/2013-186lbs(84.5kg)@9%BF-H 6'2.5"
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